adgm at work

When an idea is conceived it has to have the following:
  1. A unique, strong and sustainable premise,
  2. Potential market and audience cross-over appeal,
  3. Sustainable and cost effective budget,
  4. Brand Fanning© potential,
  5. Defined New Media components and a strategy.

ADMG takes the idea and does the following:
  1. Design a Production Plan which marries creative freedom and financial controls,
  2. Depending on the product or service, design either a Content Aggregation System and/or Content Management/Distribution Tool for the product/service.
  3. Design a Multi-Platform media strategy
  4. Build and test the product/service.

ADMG will distribute content in the following ways:
  1. Conventional Media: original television and film content will be distributed through their conventional distribution mediums.
  2. New Media: all content will be aggregated and distributed through New Media being Web/Internet media and mobile/portable device mediums.
  3. Social Media: all content will be supported by Social Media, which is designed to complement the New Media platforms.
artistic science

Artistic Science© (AS) is the founding creative philosophy or ethos of ADMG. AS is the marriage of the creative art of various mediums of entertainment and communication and the science of business. Creating a television programme or film or web based service or product begins with an idea. That idea evolves into a concept which grows into a business plan and is birthed into a start-up business. From concept to business plan the original idea is broken down systematically asking the question of how will the idea/concept be sustainable and profitable? This means the relationship between art and science begins at an early stage. At ADMG AS is crucial to the success of ADMG products and services.

brand fanning

ADMG believes in a brand management concept called Brand Fanning©, meaning effectively fanning a single dimension concept into a three dimensional brand. Brand Fanning© is the specialised distribution of a particular media brand across all media platforms. A programme may initially be a television brand but will be fanned out to be an internet and mobile brand. This vision is put in place immediately, right from the creative process, by designing a product or service that will effectively work well across multiple media platforms.