business philosophy

Afrikan Dust Media Group ("ADMG") is an industry pioneer, focused on redesigning and re-shaping the African media landscape. With this focus in mind we endeavour to be at the forefront and cutting-edge of an ever evolving media landscape and strive to reach the newest markets and widest audiences.

We specialise in utilising our unique knowledge of trends and capabilities to design strategies that are effective across all platforms to capture today's modern markets. With the best alternative to antiquated media platforms, "ADMG" is uniquely positioned to thrive in this rapidly transforming industry.

creative philosophy

We design our content, products and services using creative thinking always considering the context the desired content will be presented in. With this methodology in place our INNOVATIVE | DISTINGUISHABLE |UNIQUE thought-process combines market realities with our creative process with the aim to "speak" to your target audience in their language.